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Case 01

I arrived at my friends home on evening. It was raining again like the last few days. Something was bothering me but I wasn't sure what this was. I knocked on the door, my friend wasn't in so I diceded to went to the imbis on the other side of the street.
My dinner was a warm soup, that was all, there wasn't more time to eat. To tell the truth I'm just 24 years old. My father is a policeman, he works very hard to save many lifes. I have two sisters, both of them used to study in the USA. We don't talk to each other, I even haven't their phone numbers. So let's don't talk about this.

After I finished eating I get my bag and went back to my friends house. I just knocked again but nobody open it. I began to wonder and remember what he said long ago. There was another key which could open the door. But where could it be?
Now it's your turn. Help to find the key by using a keyword. Just for example if Jin should look into the flowerpot write on your comment "flowerpot". If he should look on another place write it please. If no one comment, the story will follow the normal way. Jin will choose one way and the story will go on. So you can diced and maybe help to solve this case.

Next part will be released:
6. September 2007
4.9.07 14:03

Case 01 - Part 2

I turn around and my voice inside of me told me to look up under the floor mat. Maybe he puts the key here. Carefully I look under it and yes! There was the second key to open the front door. It works! I get in the house and take a look around. How could this be that here was nobody? Even if it was so late now. At first I put my bag down and search for the living room. The house he live in was really big. Sometimes he told me that strange things happen there, but I never believe this.
"...where is the damn..ah there."
I put the light on and now I was able to see. But there was nothing in the living room, it was empty. Nothing! Not even dust. What no dust? Strange, why was here no dust and where was my friend? I received his letter only three days ago.

Dear Jin,
how are you my friend? Well I get ready for vacation and wanted to ask you to visit me. Just for few days before I leave. This is my adress and please call me back.

I called him after reading this letter and we both decided that today was the best day to meet, but he wasn't here. I began to wonder. When he moved away without telling, why was there still light? If he left few hours ago then he could never be able to take his whole stuff with him. I went to check the upper floor. Maybe there was something what could help me. Slowly I went up the stairs as I found something on the stair at the top. I look closer.
"Needles?", I put one, there were so many laying on the stairs.
"Why are they here?"

The voice inside me tells me to go in the bathroom, it was on the other side of the house. Maybe 3 minutes around the stairs.
Now it's your turn. Do you have any clues that could help what happen here? Just write in between "". What is the meaning of the needles? Where was John going?

Next part will be released:
10. September 2007
6.9.07 14:06


I'm sorry but the next part have to wait a bit. Sorry!

Jin Loo
13.9.07 16:34

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