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Case 01

I arrived at my friends home on evening. It was raining again like the last few days. Something was bothering me but I wasn't sure what this was. I knocked on the door, my friend wasn't in so I diceded to went to the imbis on the other side of the street.
My dinner was a warm soup, that was all, there wasn't more time to eat. To tell the truth I'm just 24 years old. My father is a policeman, he works very hard to save many lifes. I have two sisters, both of them used to study in the USA. We don't talk to each other, I even haven't their phone numbers. So let's don't talk about this.

After I finished eating I get my bag and went back to my friends house. I just knocked again but nobody open it. I began to wonder and remember what he said long ago. There was another key which could open the door. But where could it be?
Now it's your turn. Help to find the key by using a keyword. Just for example if Jin should look into the flowerpot write on your comment "flowerpot". If he should look on another place write it please. If no one comment, the story will follow the normal way. Jin will choose one way and the story will go on. So you can diced and maybe help to solve this case.

Next part will be released:
6. September 2007
4.9.07 14:03

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Sayoko (4.9.07 14:22)
"near the stairs"

Kami / Website (4.9.07 14:31)
"look at the windows.@@"

Presenter (4.9.07 14:32)
under the floor mat

kh (4.9.07 17:52)
"in the mail box"

Marco (4.9.07 18:31)
in the grass

Nina (4.9.07 20:12)
look near the stairs!

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