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Case 01 - Part 2

I turn around and my voice inside of me told me to look up under the floor mat. Maybe he puts the key here. Carefully I look under it and yes! There was the second key to open the front door. It works! I get in the house and take a look around. How could this be that here was nobody? Even if it was so late now. At first I put my bag down and search for the living room. The house he live in was really big. Sometimes he told me that strange things happen there, but I never believe this.
"...where is the damn..ah there."
I put the light on and now I was able to see. But there was nothing in the living room, it was empty. Nothing! Not even dust. What no dust? Strange, why was here no dust and where was my friend? I received his letter only three days ago.

Dear Jin,
how are you my friend? Well I get ready for vacation and wanted to ask you to visit me. Just for few days before I leave. This is my adress and please call me back.

I called him after reading this letter and we both decided that today was the best day to meet, but he wasn't here. I began to wonder. When he moved away without telling, why was there still light? If he left few hours ago then he could never be able to take his whole stuff with him. I went to check the upper floor. Maybe there was something what could help me. Slowly I went up the stairs as I found something on the stair at the top. I look closer.
"Needles?", I put one, there were so many laying on the stairs.
"Why are they here?"

The voice inside me tells me to go in the bathroom, it was on the other side of the house. Maybe 3 minutes around the stairs.
Now it's your turn. Do you have any clues that could help what happen here? Just write in between "". What is the meaning of the needles? Where was John going?

Next part will be released:
10. September 2007
6.9.07 14:06

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Sayoko (6.9.07 15:49)
"Maybe John was suprised that he has to go and have to went as soon as possible."

Kami / Website (6.9.07 16:31)
"Even if he was suprised, why does he don't tell Jin that he has to go? Because they plan to meet..."

Sayoko (6.9.07 17:43)
"'re right, BUT what if he tries to call him, but Jin was not available?"

Presenter (6.9.07 18:08)
"Well, maybe it could be that John has sewn before he left but he forgot to put away the needles. Maybe it was something important, maybe a clue for what has happened there?
You're right, why didn't he tell that he has to go? Maybe he has been kidnapped from a person, who do not wishes for him to go away..."

Kami / Website (7.9.07 16:01)
"Presenter should be right! Why should Jin be not available?"

Rayver (7.9.07 16:37)
"I think John want to make a trap on Jin"

Sayoko (7.9.07 22:56)
"A trap? What a trap? And why?"

Rayver (8.9.07 13:10)
"Maybe John wannted Jin to come there to kill him. Everything is possible!"

Kami / Website (8.9.07 18:39)
"I don't think so...because they where friends maybe for long time."

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